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Wander Cubs is lucky enough to announce that we're the first official reseller to sell My Buddy Tag in Hong Kong!

My Buddy Tag is a product offered by Le Vise Products LLC based in Dallas, Texas, in the USA.  It was founded in 2013 when my daughter was lost and separated from my wife and me for about 15 minutes.  That panicking moment inspired me to build the product to help keep kids safe.  It was designed as a cost effective alternative to the traditional GPS trackers.  The GPS trackers in the market are expensive and have to pay for GSM SIM card fees.  In addition, GPS does not work indoor.  Parents needed a solution that simply alert them when the child has wandered too far away from them, so they can get the child back before the child is totally lost.  In another word, we want to avoid that panicking moment I had with my daughter.