Bluetooth tracker Blue/Lt. Blue

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Bluetooth tracker Blue/Lt. Blue
Bluetooth tracker Blue/Lt. Blue

Tried and tested here in Hong Kong, this product is perfect for running toddlers or children. This is a great short distance tracker for what it is to make sure your child does not leave the distance you have set. It could take 5 seconds for your child to have been distracted and run the other way while you turn around and get something out of your bag. Best of all, it's waterproof and if your child is drowning and the signal is lost, your phone will alert you. 

Perfect for field trips, visits to park with the babysitter or helper and or large events like carnivals. 

If you are looking for a long distance tracker, please visit the other brand trackers that we carry in our website. 

What is Buddy Tag?

Buddy Tag is a child safety device that helps parents keep their precious children safe. This is a wearable tracker that uses bluetooth technology which connects to the phone app. You can choose to set the distance and the range varies depending on your environment. In an open field or a big open indoor space such as a shopping mall, Buddy Tag should work around 80 to 120 feet depending what phone you are using. But if you’re inside a house with many walls, the distance is reduced to about 40 feet.

Once the Buddy Tag is out of reach, your phone will vibrate, ring, email and message you. The email will have a map location of where your child was last located. 

The Buddy Tag can be shared for someone else to use the tag, however no more then one user can connect to one tag.

How long will my Buddy Tag device last?

The battery inside Buddy Tag should last for over a year under normal usage. The battery isn’t replaceable because Buddy Tag is sealed to make it waterproof.


  • out-of-range alert to help prevent losing your child
  • a water safety alert to help prevent accidental drowning
  • a panic alarm button for your child to alert you when in a threatening situation
  • a personal ID to help reunite a lost child with their parents.
  • Buddy Tag uses Bluetooth so it doesn’t have monthly fees.

The silicone wristband is comfortable and adjustable to fit most children's wrist size (the wristband is 7" long) and some of younger children's ankles.

The mobile app is FREE and there are no monthly fees. Buddy Tag and its app are compatible with iPhones running iOS 9 and above and Android devices using Android version 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and above.

    If the battery dies within one year of purchase, the manufacturer will replace it for free.  Please send the old tag back directly to manufacturer's Taiwan address, and they will ship you a new one.  If the battery dies after one year, please contact My Buddy Tag directly via their website, and they can buy a replacement tag for US$10.  This replacement program is only available directly from My Buddy Tag and not through Wander Cubs. A friendly reminder to keep your receipts!


    Bluetooth tracker Blue/Lt. Blue
    Bluetooth tracker Blue/Lt. Blue

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